conTimbre version changes

IMPORTANT: Make a complete backup of your conTimbre before performing an update. Updates can take a lot of time and should not be interrupted.

V2.56    10.11.2021
- ePlayer Plugin & Steinberg Dorico: using several voices may crash Dorico. Fixed.
- ePlayer VST Plugins + Steinberg Software: Mac & Windows Projects were not compatible. Fixed.
- Attention Steinberg Software on Windows Users: Save orchestras using the internal ePlayer-Plugin Save Option befor updating to conTimbre V2.56. After updating to V2.56, Steinberg Software does not recognize the old ePlayer project settings any more.

V2.55    4.7.2021
- USB license keys of other companies may block the conTimbre USB key. Fixed.

V2.54    17.4.2021
- double bass sounds download incomplete. Repaired.
- ePlayer Plugin Orchestra. MIDI-Channel without selection. Repaired.

V2.52    26.3.2021
Mac: Compatibility now also with Big Sur

V2.51    16.3.2021
Plugins for Mac were only compatible with Mac OS10.15. Now compatible with Mac OS10.11-10.15

V2.5    1.3.2021
This update comprises the complete database. Therefore, downloading a new conTimbre database is more efficient than to update the old database.
- Soundfiles: digital artefacts due to noise reduction removed. - ePlayer: All sounds have new pitch corrections. If possible, a pitch tracker is used. - ePlayer Plugins: Importing voice files or program files eventually crashed the host. Fixed. - ePlayer-maxmsp und standalone: High RAM wastage in the window version. Reduced. - algorithmic orchestration: now available for windows computers.

V2.46    8.11.2020
- double bass artificial harmonics had wrong pitch. Fixed.
- Plugin Installer didn't accept passwords with special chars. Fixed.

V2.45    17.8.2020
- ePlayer maxmsp no more dialog when audio is off.
- ePlayer VST3 in Dorico: eventually crashed when changing a playlist. Fixed.
- trumpet in c, plunger half open. Foto didn't show up. Fixed.

V2.44    14.6.2020
- ePlayer reacts to MIDI controller 11 as dynamic change.
- ePlayer VST3 didn't save settings in Dorico. Fixed.
- New: Tutorial for ePlayer VST3 in Steinberg Dorico.

V2.43    3.6.2020
- ePlayer standalone compatible with Mac OS Catalina
- Orchestrator standalone compatible with Mac OS Catalina

V2.42    25.4.2020
- New: ePlayer VST3 plugin
- ePlayer plugins: Sustain pedal repaired
- ePlayer plugins Mac: better compatibility with current sequencers (using juce5). 32bit versions discontinued.

V2.40    28.1.2020
- Mac-Version: Compatibility with Mac OS10.15 Catalina
- Algorithmic orchestration (Mac) now 64bit

V2.37    6.11.2019
- ePlayer maxmsp, standalone and plugins: Setting the pitch bend range is unreliable or is set to zero by default. Fixed.

V2.36    2.10.2019
- ePlayer maxmsp, standalone and plugins: Sometimes hanging notes or not played notes in chord mode. Fixed.
- ePlayer maxmsp, standalone and plugins: If playing a sample <-> is possible it is the default now.
- ePlayer maxmsp, standalone and plugins: The conTimbreInstallerUpdater can be downloaded now from within the software.

V2.35    14.8.2019
- ePlayer maxmsp and standalone: Less RAM usage.
- ePlayer maxmsp and standalone: Overdrive initially on.
- ePlayer plugin, keyboard window: alt click on playing mode didn't work. Fixed.
- ePlayer plugin, orchestra window: Loading an external orchestra crashs. Fixed.

V2.34    20.7.2019
- ePlayer maxmsp: Sample quality isn't stored. Fixed.
- ePlayer maxmsp: Current playing mode menu item has now a white check mark and is better visible.
- ePlayer plugin: General tuning isn't stored. Fixed.

V2.33    28.6.2019

- ePlayer maxmsp: Sometimes no sound after loading an orchestra. Fixed.

V2.31    14.5.2019
- The ePlayer is now compatible with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). MPE allows for microtonal polyphonic sequences within one voice and for individual loudness control of each note.
- ePlayer: MIDI Pitchbend Sensitivity is now by default +- 2 semitones. Using MPE, the default is +24 /-48 semitones. It may be changed with standard MIDI controller messages.
- ePlayer max-msp: Pan commando is now click free.
- ePlayer: Pan may be controlled with standard MIDI controller 10.

V2.3    30.4.2019
- Online Authorisation as an alternative to USB-key.
- ePlayer plugin: Chorus mode was not individual for each voice. Fixed.

V2.27    13.12.2018
- Orchestrator: harp and guitar too soft. Fixed.
- ePlayer max/msp: MIDI pitch bend messages are now also considered when noteon comes after.
-  Orchestrator and ePlayer max/msp give a hint when a new conTimbre version is available.

V2.26    11.9.2018
- Orchestrator: crashed with harp and guitar. Fixed.
- ePlayer max/msp: noteon with option jump_after_attack crashed in some cases. Fixed.

V2.25    31.7.2018
- Added a tutorial to use the ePlayer VST-plugin in Logic Audio for Mac.
- ePlayer: tuning problems of all fixed tuned instruments as piano, harp, marimbaphone, vibraphone etc. are fixed.
- ePlayer standalone/Max version: ctdynamic commands sent directly after a noteoff cancelled the noteoff. Fixed.
- ePlayer standalone/Max version: the jump_after_attack option now also works for ctnoteon

V2.24    22.6.2018
    - ePlayer Max version and VST:  crashed when sending MIDI volume values to keys with only one velocity zone. Fixed.
    - ePlayer  VST: MIDI pitch bend didn’t work for notes which have not yet been played. Fixed.

V2.23    10.3.2018
    - conTimbre learn: pitch search repaired

V2.21    8.1.2018
    - ePlayer Max version: eventually crashs when using languages other than english and long key names. Fixed.
                        - always immediate update of current program menu.
                        - Max eventually crashed when continue sending messages to ePlayer when closing the ePlayer. Fixed.
                        - when MIDI program change message creates a new program in a voice not displayed,
                        the delete button in the program window was shown. Fixed.
                        - when program window graphics were switched off,
                           program menus and keyboard window showed eventually wrong programs. Fixed.
                        - command ctnote doesn’t ask for non used duration any more.

V2.2    19.11.2017
    - Update script compatible with Mac OSX 10.13 High Sierra
    - ePlayer Max version: sometimes crashs when loading orchestras. Fixed.

V2.18    11.7.2017
    - ePlayer VST/AU plugins:  new programs created by MIDI program changes were not shown in the orchestra window. Fixed.
    - ePlayer Max version: sometimes crashs when loading orchestras. Fixed.
    - conTimbre learn: old formatted and not working html files replaced by new.

V2.16    11.6.2017
    - ePlayer VST/AU plugins: 
                    if host sample rate is other than 48kHz, plugins were transposing. Fixed.
    - conTimbre Orchestrator: 
                    Alert when audio is switched off comes only after 6 seconds
                    Font independent openGL
    - Documentation „ePlayer Plugin Getting started“ for various sequencers added.
    - conTimbre ePlayer: 
                    Font independent openGL

V2.13    10.3.2017
    - new ePlayer documentation           
    - conTimbre ePlayer MAX version: 
        Manual program change in the program editor eventually crashed. Fixed.

V2.1    30.11.2016
    - Compatibility with OSX 10.12 Sierra 
    - conTimbre learn: 
                    Bug in bassoon modes menu (page not found). Fixed.
    - french and spanish manuals 
    - conTimbre ePlayer: 
                    Installs ePlayer VST and AU plugins  V1.0
                    Natural harmonics on string instruments in chord mode: Better matching.
                    sometimes wrong mode menus after loading an orchestra. Fixed.
                    ePlayer eventually crashed when playing just one note in chord mode. Fixed.

V2.04     22.7.2016
    - conTimbre learn: 
                    Better support when examining several instruments in different windows.
    - conTimbre Orchestrator: 
                    Alert when audio is switched off
                    MaxMsp Version didn't show spanish flag. Fixed.
    - conTimbre ePlayer: 
                    Alert when audio is switched off
                    When choosing another voice in the program editor, the modes menu didn't change. Fixed.
                    ePlayer crashed when playing multiphonics in chord mode with high velocity, when several samples existed for this chord. Fixed.